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    Mindfulness Meditation


    Understanding Mindfulness & its Benefits

    Mindfulness is simple to explain, yet it is elusive to master the practice. Today, the definition of mindfulness has a wide reach, easily stretching across various domains and holding many identities. All the buzz about mindfulness seems to actually cloud the meaning of the word, at times, and may even cause confusion. 

    So why all the hype? Well… 

    The term is ubiquitously referenced in everyday casual conversation while dialectically holding sacred roots as an age-old meditation experience and practice. Today, in Western culture, mindfulness holds a strong foothold as an extensively researched, well-validated, psychological construct that serves as a formidable skill with many benefits.

    In short, the hype is real!  

    For some, the mere mention of the word evokes discomfort. So let’s start by explaining what mindfulness is not: 

    • Mindfulness practice is not a woo-woo, mystical, or mysterious quality.
    • There is no brainwashing effect. 
    • It is not hypnosis. 
    • It is not an intentional relaxation exercise. 
    • It does not require perfect focus.
    • The goal is not to clear or block your thoughts (this is not even possible).
    • It is not a quick fix, and is not something you do all at once and check the box. 
    • It does not require you to be a monk, Zen master, or Buddhist. In fact, you don’t have to be religious or spiritual in any way. And, vice versa, if you are spiritual or religious, that works too. 
    • Mindfulness does not discriminate. 

    Now, what is mindfulness?  

    A widely accepted and general definition of mindfulness is the practice of paying attention in the present moment with acceptance and a nonjudgmental stance.

    Here is a quick overview of what mindfulness is: 

    • Observing an experience through one’s senses
    • Focusing attention on the present moment (and refocusing gently as often as needed)
    • Nonjudgmental perspective-taking
    • Acceptance of things as they are
    • Engaging entirely in an activity

    While the definition is not overly complicated, growing a regular practice of mindfulness and incorporating a mindful way of living tends to be more challenging to most who endeavor to ‘be more mindful.’ 

    The Benefits are Worth It!

    Right at the start of learning the skill and practice of mindfulness, so many things seem to pop up! Guidance and mentorship in learning mindfulness is invaluable at this point. Mindfulness is a skill that may take time to master, but the effort in doing so is exceptionally rewarding. 

    Many benefits of mindfulness exist; and I list only a few here: 

    • Reduces rumination
    • Stress reduction
    • Increases positive affect 
    • Decreases anxiety and negative affect
    • Less depression 
    • Less emotional reactivity
    • Boosts working memory
    • Improves cognitive flexibility
    • Lowers blood pressure
    • Increases immune functioning
    • Increases information processing speed
    • Better focus and concentration
    • Promotes empathy and compassion
    • Improves life satisfaction

    For more information see our page on Mindfulness-Informed Psychotherapy

    Also see the blog Mindfulness of Current Thoughts by our Clinical Director, Caren Phillippi, LMHC, QS

    To learn more about this life-changing skill, contact us today! 


    Thank you Nancy Gordon, LCSW,, for some of this material.


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